Our Service List

Standard Cleaning £25

(Upper, Lace, Midsole, Bottom)

Professional cleaning technique, 100% hand washed. Different treatment applies for different materials to remove tough stains and dirt without damaging the materials. The standard cleaning service includes cleaning for upper sole, midsoles and laces.

3 Working Days

Deep Cleaning £35

(Upper, Lace, Midsole, Insole, Bottom)

A more thorough cleaning to remove stubborn stains and dirt from both the exterior and interior of the shoe including laces.

3 Working Days

Midsole Un-Yellowing

Applicable to selected types of midsole materials only; using a reverse oxidisation process to un-yellow the affected midsoles.

7 Working Days

Midsole Repaint

Don’t settle for yellow! USA-imported Angelus paint to restore the colour of your midsoles.

Disclaimer: paint may chip/scratch/peel with heavy usage or contact

7 Working Days | 14-day promise policy applied

Boost Blackout

Once you go black, you never go back! boost blackout services available.

7 Working Days | 14-day promise policy applied


Because prevention is better than cure, add a protective layer for your bottom soles to protect them from wearing off too fast.

?? extra if bottom sole cleaning is required.

7 – 14 Working Days


Repair services available for both men and women’s shoes. Services include re-gluing, restitching, re-sole, heel replacement, back lining repair, patching and heel tip replacement.

Want to know more? Drop by and let our friendly team help you!

Working Days varies depending on service(s)


Shine bright like a diamond. Give your favourite leather pair the shine it once had.

1 Working Day

Repel Spray

Nano hydrophobic coating to keep your shoes stain-free and dry all day. Effects last up to 2 weeks.

1 Working Day


Avoid those judging eyes, we can remove odd smells from your pair and keep them fresh!

2 Working Days

Customisation & Colour Restoration


Pricing based on materials & complexity or design. Talk to one of our team members to discuss.

Up to 4 Weeks | 14-day promise policy applied